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Brake Disc Skimming in Bury St Edmunds

For Cars and Vans, Save money and restore the safety and performance of you brake discs. Serving Bury St Edmunds.

Brake disc skimming is the lower-cost alternative to replacing the brake discs on your Car or Van. Have you noticed your car brakes juddering or your steering wheel shaking when you apply your brakes? If so, your car's brakes could benefit from brake disc skimming.

Car Brake Disc

Why Do I Need Brake Disc Skimming?

During use, the Brake Discs on your Car or Van can sustain corrosion, wear and damage to their friction surfaces. The outcome of this can be problems such as Juddering or Squealing and Grinding noises. A Brake Disc Skim can restore the friction surfaces to a factory finish, making them ready to work smoothly with new disc pads.

Should I Have My Brake Discs Skimmed Every Time I Replace My Disc Pads?

No, not always. There is a limit to how many times you can skim Brake Discs, you should only have them skimmed if they are warped or heavily grooved or are badly corroded or glazed. Also if you are having your disc pads changed because you are experiencing brake judder, squealing, grinding or fading, then a Brake Disc skim may well be recommended.

It is worth noting that many a brand new set of disc pads has been ruined by fitting them with damaged brake discs. Once this happens the disc pads cannot be used with freshly skimmed or new brake discs as they will simply transfer their damage back to these new parts and you'll be back to square one.

How Is Brake Disc Skimming Performed?

Brake Disc Skimming uses a precision lathe to skim the surface of your car's brake discs. The lathe attaches directly to your car's wheel hub and utilises an automatic, electronically controlled gyroscopic system that can machine the brake disc to an accuracy of 0.025mm!

How Many Times Can A Brake Disc Be Skimmed?

All brake discs can be skimmed at least once - you should only need to replace your car brake disc if they reach minimum thickness. Leading car manufacturers have approved the process of car brake disc skimming, including BMW, Subaru, Jaguar, Ford and Land Rover.


To book your car in for brake disc skimming at Needham Analysis, or if you have any questions about car brake disc skimming, call us on 01284 834222 or send us a message using our Contact Form.

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